Magic Low Carb Soft Pretzels


Magic Low Carb Pretzels

Magic Pretzel

When you think of Low Carb eating, pretzels don’t exactly come to mind.  Until now!  You wont believe how easy they are to make and how LOW they are in carbohydrates.  Like a few of my recipes, I intended a totally different outcome.  I had no idea that this particular combination of ingredients would taste so close to a soft pretzel.  Boy, was I happy…..I literally did a happy dance around the kitchen.  Honest to goodness, they have a “chew” like a soft pretzel and with the salt (I also love to dunk in mustard) its so close to a pretzel.  I left them out over night and the next day they were awesome too because now they more of a crusty outside yet still soft on the inside.  This is going to be a “go to” recipe for me, how many of us crave a salty snack?  Yes please!

So many possibilities came flooding in: pretzel dogs, cinnamon pretzels, cheese stuffed pretzels, pretzel pizza crust, the list goes on!  I will tell you that I did experiment with shapes and sizes and the best result, the thinner the better.  I tried to make a pretzel roll but it was to under cooked in the middle.  So my suggestion is keep the dough narrow or flat.

Sweet Cinnamon Magic Pretzel

Sweet Cinnamon Magic Pretzel

Of course I had to go there, who wouldn’t!  My mind always goes to the sweet side that’s how I’m wired, besides I thought ahead for you.  The results were just as I had hoped……delish!

-So getting back to why and how this recipe came about.  Recently I have been doing and Egg Fast, which is very limited on ingredients  and what you can eat.  It’s a great way to jump start weight loss and get your body into a state of Ketosis.  When ever I am restricted I immediately wander into “what can I have” vs “what can’t I have”.  One of the approved ingredients is psyllium husk.  I know your used to seeing it in the fiber aisle of  a pharmacy to keep you regular, well you can bake with it too!  (a tip from Fluffy Chix Cook).   I have made pizza dough that was pretty good called Fat Head Pizza Dough and I have had a delicious Egg Fast Breakfast Biscuit from Fluffy Chix that was awesome and easy too.  So I had an idea in my head to try and morph the two into a type of bread, my result……. the “Magic Pretzel”.  I couldn’t picture it any other way, sure it was good as a flat bread, but I kept tasting pretzel!   I call it magic because truly I have no idea how such a weird combination resulted in this….but who am I to question what God does behind the scenes.  It’s a pretzel…LOW CARB, there are no questions just dunk it in mustard and eat it!

Magic Low Carb Pretzel Dough

Magic Low Carb Pretzel Dough


With less than five ingredients you will be ready to shape your dough.  Lightly oil your hands to work with it, the dough is sticky at first.   It reminded me of playing with play dough as a kid, this would be great to do with kids!   Pinch a (ping pong) ball size piece of dough of and roll it out on a flat clean surface into your desired length.  Once your dough is all rolled out, lightly brush the pretzel dough with water to make your salt stick.  Sprinkle on your pretzel salt or cinnamon and sugar substitute and your ready for baking!  So get in the kitchen and get creative,  I hope you enjoy!





Low Carb Soft Pretzels

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 10

Serving Size: 1

Low Carb Soft Pretzels

These have a great "chew" factor and are great to sit over night


  • 1 1/2 cup whole milk shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 3 level T cream cheese
  • 1 large egg room temperature
  • 2 T psyllium husk (ground) or powder
  • 1 T pretzel salt or course sea salt


  1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees
  2. in a microwave proof bowl add cream cheese and shredded mozzarella
  3. microwave for 90 seconds and stir together with a fork or whisk
  4. add egg, keep stirring you may need to re-microwave for 20 seconds to keep dough soft
  5. keep stirring until egg is thoroughly mixed into cheese mixture {it will I promise}
  6. add psyllium husk and stir until fully incorporated
  7. oil hands and gently knead dough a few times
  8. pinch off a ping pong ball size piece of dough
  9. roll out on flat clean surface to desired length
  10. place on parchment lined baking sheet
  11. lightly brush a little water on each piece of dough and sprinkle with pretzel salt
  12. bake for 20-25 minutes rotating pan half way for ideal baking
  13. let cool and enjoy


Net carbs less than .5 g per pretzel

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  1. says

    Was just eyeing soft pretzels at the deli in our grocery store! Excited about your recipe and your site! I have been living Atkins/low carb for over 3 years. Love it!

    Thank you!

    • Amanda Mendell says

      I have never bought Metamucil, so I couldn’t say for sure. I will tell you that I did buy mine in the same aisle, and I bought my store brand Psyllium Husk and ground it down in my coffee grinder. (I have a grinder solely for stuff like that)

  2. sherri brown says

    Omgoodness, i made these for our movie night snack last night and even my picky husband loved them. This recipe is going in my regular use box. Im very happy with the results. Thank you so much

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Wow, even the Hubs like it? Yay! I confess mine did too and I didn’t explain that they were low carb. I’m so happy you liked it Sherri:)

  3. Gerald says

    Do you think i can substitute the psyllium husk with chia seed flour?
    And what do you mean with
    3 level T cream cheese? how much is this in grams?

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Hi Gerald-The gram conversion is 42.5 grams which is 1.5 ounces
      Chia seed flour would be gummy and to gelatinous in my opinion, they are quite different in texture. You would not have the same outcome. I hope you try it, thanks for a great question!

  4. Jana says

    I don’t miss bread that much (as in toast, for sandwiches, etc) but I really have missed warm, buttery, soft pretzels. I have tried a couple of different recipes and I felt like I was eating something entirely different than a pretzel (if that makes sense) … but then I stumbled upon your recipe tonight, made these, and am amazed! I had to come back and report that the chewy texture was so yummy (and that I also did the happy dance). 🙂 Thank you for posting this and saving my night. What a treat! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    • Amanda Mendell says

      I’m so happy you liked it Jana! Thank you for taking a moment to let me know, it means a lot! I look forward to bringing you more LC recipes!

  5. Je'nean says

    Thank you for this recipe! It was so easy to make and taste so delicious!! Your a lifesaver!!! Yippee!! Yahoo!! I can’t wait to make pizza dough with this next!!!! Your a miracle worker!! Have a super fantastic day!

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Thank you so much for taking a minute to let me know Je’nean!! I’m so happy you like it, get creative with it! If your on facebook you can post a picture of your pizza creation to Tootie Foodie’s wall, I would love to hear back:) Have a super day!

  6. Kerry says

    Made these for the first time this morning .. Ohhhh Emmm Geee! I was never ‘into’ pretzels before, but these have converted me! They are absolutely amazing, and I’m not exaggerating one bit. My hubby LOVES them and said to make another batch quickly .. They have unbelievable flavour and the chew factor is unprecedented in any low carb baking that I’ve tried, and believe me I”ve done ALOT of low-carb baking! If you entered a contest with these babies, you’d win for sure! These will have no problem satisfying even the most anti-low carbers!! And they’re so easy and fast to make! You should be so very proud of yourself! Thank you for an amazing recipe, that I am already considering using as a base for many things (like you mention in your introduction)! 🙂

    • Amanda Mendell says

      I’m thrilled Kerry! I’m so glad you love them as much as I do! I hope you have fun experimenting with it, thank you for taking a moment to give me feed back! I appreciate your support. You can send me a picture of what you create on Tootie Foodie facebook page!

  7. zlota stromberg says

    Hi!! Im so thrilled about your recipe!! missing pretzels so much!! How many comes out from this recipe?? thanks:)

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Hi Linda, It can be found in most grocery stores in the colon health aisle near the medicines or it can be purchased online:)

  8. Nancy says

    This is the best best best recipe I have made so far!!! I’m gonna use this for everything! Thank u!!!

  9. Rina says

    Has anyone tried using oat fiber instead of the psyllium husk powder? I have some on hand & it makes pretty soft fluffy low carb bread so maybe it would work for pretzels.

  10. Di says

    Is that (point) five or just five g. of carbs each? 0.5 or 5? Sounds good… going to check the pantry and such to see if I have all the ingred. Thank you for sharing.

    • Amanda Mendell says

      I thought they were a decent chew factor for being Low Carb, I was very happy with the results! Thanks for the question, I hope you get a chance to make them and feel free to report back:)

  11. Maria says

    I get how this would work — the basis being the fat head pizza dough.
    I am about to make these, and based on the great reviews, I’m looking foward to it!
    I do have ONE question. You are using full fat mozzarella. I’ve seen comments on the fat head dough recipie that calls for part-skim since the full fat doesn’t firm up as well. Any thoughts??

  12. Samantha says

    Out of curiosity, what difference does a cold egg versus a room temperature egg make in baking? I was actually wondering this last night, and when I saw your recipe called for a room temp egg, I thought I’d ask!

    • Amanda Mendell says

      For this recipe it’s more about the temperature of the egg. To keep the mozzarella mixture nice and easy to work with, if a cold egg is added it cools the Mozzerella cheese and makes it tougher to work with. Great Question! Hope you had a chance to make them:)

  13. Gbrown says

    Easy and yummy . Bravo! Can you replace low fat mozzarella for full fat? I did use ⅓ less fat creme cheese and it still came out beautifully- can I go a step further and use lower fat mozzarella? These were really good but I’m a bit concerned with the fat content/ although it is wonderfully low carb! Thanks for recipe!!

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Hi there! So happy you tried them! Yes, you can use lower fat mozzarella you may need a tiny bit more cream cheese to make them more pliable though! Please let me know how those turn out for you, this will help other readers too in the future! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Molly says

    My fiancé just picked up the tray and walked off with them, so I’d say they’re a hit! I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for dipping into hummus or spinach and artichoke dip!

  15. Susan Steinberg says

    I just made them. They came out really brown (not from over-cooking). The chew factor is good, but I really taste the cheese and I get a kind of cheesy-queasy feeling eating them. My high-carb family tried and rejected them. I’m kind of on the fence – I like having a pretzelly-bread stick. Did I do something wrong?

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Hmm, not sure about that. I didn’t really taste the cheese, of course everyone is different. I made them once without using my recipe and I didn’t level off the cream cheese and that changed the texture, they were too spongy. I’m happy you made them though!

  16. Kare says

    What does the ‘t’ mean in this recipe. Teaspoon or tablespoon? I have all the ingredients & can’t wait to make these, just not sure on the measurements. Please advise. Thank you.

  17. Allison Hicks says

    I am making this recipe tomorrow for our Low Carb Thanksgiving dinner and making these as rolls rather than pretzels. I am SO excited to see how they turn out!!

  18. Sarah says

    Hi! I was so excited to try this but they turned out weird. Kneading dough wasn’t an option, the dough was very sticky and I also couldn’t roll them out. Any ideas why??

  19. Bryguy says

    I made these and the dough turned a dark brown color on the outside and kind of purplish inside. They were ok but the psyllium taste was very strong. I think some psyllium husk products may bake better than others, going to try another brand to see if I can get that golden brown color in your pics.

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Yes, I agree. A lot of my readers outside the US have a similar outcome, I am not sure why. I do believe as you said it may be the brands of ingredients. Let us know if you found a breand you like!

  20. says

    Made them, sticking close to the recipe. They were absolutely delicious, both warm and the next day. Warning: Willpower required to avoid eating the whole batch yourself!

    For me the recipe turned out 6 pretzels with the nutritional info per pretzel: 2 net carbs, 8 fat, 9 protein. 110 calories.


  21. Mary Anne says

    I love making soft pretzels& have perfected my own recipe over the years but I’ve recently been trying to eat, cook& bake healthier after my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes. I literally did a little happy dance after finding this GENIUS recipe! Side note though, I’m terrible about following recipes as I love creating my own& putting my own spin on things. In case anyone else shares this trait here’s what worked& what didn’t, lol. First I very stupidly did the traditional baking soda water dip before baking. Don’t, lol! It obviously makes the middle of the pretzels soggy regardless of adding extra baking time. Although they were a beautiful shade of brown with yummy outsides, lol. What actually works is making a very highly concentrated baking soda to water (til it won’t combine) mix then brushing that all over them in lieu of the plain water before sprinkling the salt& putting in the oven. This made them taste even more pretzel like in my opinion. Next I also added 1/4 tsp of butter emulsion (imitation butter extract will work too) which really gave it a bit more buttery flavor& also brushed them with real melted butter right out of the oven. Also don’t give up trying to get the psyllium husk to combine into the dough, your wrists might get sore but it’ll eventually happen& be worth it! Overall I’m thrilled& so appreciative as I even tricked my hubby, who normally gags at the mere thought of low carb breads& baked goods! Thanks again& can’t wait to see what else you come up with next!

    • Heather says

      I am so glad you commented about the water bath! I was going to try stout and am glad I read through the comments … thank you for paving the way! Ha ha! I will do the “paste” as you suggested. We are going to a ballgame tonight, and I cant wait to make these! Nothing like a baseball game and some soft pretzels 🙂

  22. says

    I just ate one of the pretzels from your recipe and they are fantastic. They are still warm and chewy. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see how they are. I found a link for this on Facebook but can’t find it now and I want to share it. I went to your facebook page, but there is no way to add you to my friends list so I can follow you. Would you post the link for this on you facebook page so I can share it. I know a lot of people who would really enjoy it. many of my friends are following Dr Davis, Wheatnbelly program and are wheat and grain free and it looks like a lot of your recipes will fit right into this. Thanks

  23. Wendy says

    I just made these and they’re yummy! We used to get pretzels at the mall and always liked the hint of sweetness that they have, so I added 1 packet of stevia into the mix (I think I’ll add 2 next time) and it was good. I will definitely be making these again!

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Yay Wendy, I’m so glad….I love the smell of those places in the mall! I have to avoid that place, haha

  24. T says

    Just put these in the oven and can’t wait for them to come out. I used all ingredients as listed although I did “melt” the cheeses in a glass bowl over hot water as I don’t microwave anything. My dough was very sticky and there was no way to roll it. I just kind of shaped them into logs and put on a cookie sheet. Any suggestions?

    • Amanda Mendell says

      Hi Gina,

      They are really two very different ingredients, I dont’t think you would have the same outcome.
      You could certainly try and see what happens but I would hate for you to waste ingredeints.

  25. Gerri says

    Can’t wait to make these. How many ounces is 1.5 cups of mozzarella? I’ve failed with other mozzarella based recipes because I must have used too much or too little. Hard to know how much to pack into a cup. Thanks!

  26. Sheri says

    Just made these today for the first time! Absolutely awesome!! Can’t thank you enough! Had to use part skim mozzarella cheese as I couldn’t find whole milk and used fat free cream cheese but still ended up at only 1.25 carbs a piece and made 6 pieces. Love them!

  27. Susan Harris says

    These are in my oven baking now. My daughters and I (they are grown adults) are all doing the LC way of life and these will be a God-send if they are as good as everyone says they are.

  28. Catherine Miller says

    This is one of the most delicious foods ever! Smells amazing in the oven, too. I used fresh mozzarella, because I could nit find whole milk drier mozzarella. I think it increased the moisture, ended up addng a third tablespoon if psyllium husks. Dough was too sticky to roll pueces, so spread it out on parchment likea flatbread or pizza crust, came out fabulously. Thank you!

  29. Patti says

    These are AMAZING!! I pulled them out of the oven and me and my two boys ate them all! I can’t wait to make them again! I noticed a bit of a grainy texture but wonder if I kneaded the dough better if this would work itself out? Thank you for this recipe! It was such a wonderful treat!

  30. Marsha says

    Amanda, I have tons of dextrin on hand (benefiber). Do you suppose I can use that instead of the psyllium husk?

    • Amanda Mendell says

      It is a different compound than phsyllium, so I am not sure how it would react, but you could certainly try?

  31. Celia says

    Hi do you have the cinnamon version? I’d love to try it, do you still use mozerella as the base? Seems a bit odd but maybe it works?

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